Image processing technologies

Automatic image processing allows a computer system to manage processing on an image or video stream quickly and without human intervention. These processes make it possible to transform information in the form of pixels into more manageable information such as text information or even easy-to-manage json variables.

We mainly master OpenCV as an image manipulation library. We can also use some components from other known libraries such as DLib that have shown an exceptional performance advantage.

For other specific needs in Deep Learning, we used Keras (Tensorflow) to train a detection model.

For needs not mentioned above and which are related to a particular field: Medical imaging (ITK, VTK) or satellite (GDAL), you can contact us.

The Hardware

Image processing requires in most cases calibration and adaptation to the equipment used. Stereo or 3D vision depends on the type of sensor and its characteristics. The processing itself sometimes requires graphics cards or hardware acceleration modules, especially in the case of embedded systems.

Since 2010, we have been monitoring the various technological advances in terms of capture and low-power hardware acceleration. We can advise you which sensors and cards to use according to your needs.